Mineral Hair Analysis & Detailed Report


Mineral Hair Analysis & Detailed Report


Hair Testing and Mineral Analysis.

This test kit provides a pre-paid envelope and measure for you to submit your hair sample for analysis. 

Micronutrient & mineral imbalance is ever present in today's society. It can stem from malnutrition & stress, both common in Western civilisation, leading to inability to correctly process toxins and metals in the body. Pollution & poor diet or malabsorption are other influencers. 

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We have run these in the clinic for some time with remarkable accuracy and results. Even our partcitioners and staff have all undergone the test and programmes (willingly).

Hair analysis for mineral content enables us to obtain a complete snapshot of all micronutrient levels and minerals in the body, over a lengthened period of time. This details a much broader snapshot in contrast to blood samples, which only provide a window into current levels and can be manipulated by emotions, stress levels, food eaten that day and even the time of day the sample is taken.

Subsequently, this enables the dietitians, to individually prescribe specific diets and personalised supplementation plans if required. This is completed in 3 month periods, before re testing to assess improvements and any further adjustments or recommendations required if any.

Some associated difficulties include but are not limited to: 

Inflammatory reactions from toxic ratios or mineral imbalances can often be misdiagnosed or incorrectly linked to allergies.

Behavioural difficulties, such as lack of focus and irritability and fatigue can be results from a number fo different balances. 

Trends towards poor cardiovascular health can be a direct result of poor Calcium to Magnesium Ratio.

Higher levels of calcium, from malabsorption due to other incorrect levels, has been linked to increased likelihood of Type 2 Diabetes.

Poor Mineral levels in Mothers have been linked to increased likelihood of Autism and ASD in their children.